Stephanie Brown

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Stephanie Brown
Nationality Flag of the United States svg.png American
Born March 10, 1996
Queens, United States
Current Series F3RWRS
Current Team West Cliff Motorsport (Monaco SuperPrix) JLD Motorsport (US round)
Car Number #107 (West Cliff), #74 (JLD)
Former Teams

Stephanie Brown (born in Queens, New York, United States, March 10 1996), is an American female driver who had an one-off race for West Cliff Motorsport at the 2015 Monaco SuperPrix at the 2015 season of the Formula 3 Rejects World Race Series, the third level of the RWRS racing pyramid.

She also raced for JLD Motorsport at the F3RWRS United States Round, having an impressive race at the first race of the aforementioned round.

Early career

Born from a middle-class family from the New York borough of Queens, Stephanie first interest was tennis, even taking classes as a child. However, after watching the infamous 2005 United States Grand Prix, where only six cars took part in due to a massive boycott from Michelin-supplied drivers, she fell in love with the speed world, even if that was an awkward way to be introduced to racing.

Without much approval from her parents, she decided to take a career as a Formula One driver, but first, had do deal with finding a way to start. With help from a relative and the parents of a friend, Stephanie took classes at a nearby dirt short track and quickly found her way at the wheel, getting several good results at the Junior Midget class.

Stephanie finally won the help from her close family and they went to find someone that could support her path to the major formulaes. The first one to give a lend was a family that owned a small grocery story in Queens. That family sponsored Stephanie when she decided to take a run at go-karts and sprint cars, with mixed results.

Despite many of her sponsors thought she had to head to a career at stock car racing, Brown focused the single-seater world otherwise and managed to pick some tests with a few STAR Mazda Series teams, but with no avail.

Open-Wheel Life

2012 was the lifechanging year for Stephanie, taking an offer from a small team named Legend Racing to take part at the Formula Atlantic series. The team fielded for her a Swift 015 with a Toyota engine for her in order to race the short calendar of the series, where she showed not only her talent, but an 'attraction' to be in trouble.

She involved herself in a crash at the first race in Road Atlanta along with five other drivers, though it wasn't her fault. She came back in the next race, achieving a fine 6th despite having to start it from the back. However, she involved herself in other melee at New Jersey, where she collided with Tonis Kasemets at the first race, causing her retirement. The Estonian driver pointed Brown's fault, who defended herself saying she was 'in the correct line'. Due to the confusion, she was handed a fine and was allowed to get into the second race, where she finished 9th.

At Summit Point, Stephanie kept herself out of trouble and achieved 11th and 10th in both races. Her performance didn't set a light into the own championship, but Legend granted her a place to run the Fontana round of Indy Lights series, in order to get her ready for a full-time stint in 2013, however, she retired after a few laps due to a broken gearbox.

2013: Indy Lights

RWRS Career