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Société Prost-Arnoux Motorsport is a French Formula One team active in the Formula One Rejects Microprose Grand Prix Series from the 2014 season onwards.


Allez Les Bleus! Prost Formule Un had competed in F1RMGP since the series' inception in 2011, and for all this time had represented the absolute worst of French arrogance. All the time the team believed they were the best, and had some kind of divine right to be the best - despite a sore lack of results from the notorious mobile chicane, Olivier Grouillard, and he who James Hunt once described as "a complete idiot", Philippe Alliot. For the 2011 and 2012 seasons, the results reflected those of their predecessors, Ligier, during the shocking 1988-91 period when points were very rare and DNQs were all too familiar. For the 2013 season, a new French challenger arrived in the form of Driot-Arnoux Motorsport, who had tried unsuccessfully to get into Formula One in the mid-1990s with their GD-01, a car that appeared to be modelled on a breeze block. The DAMS GD-02 that entered the 2013 F1RMGP season, in the hands of Mastercard Lola refugee (for the second time...) Vincenzo Sospiri and one-off Minardi racer, Stéphane Sarrazin, was also high on DNQs and short on results, but the team did at least manage to score three points, whereas Prost had failed to score in two complete seasons. That losing streak changed for Prost in 2013, though, as despite seven further DNQs, their car was semi-regularly in the points, scoring 44 in total including three fifth places for Alliot.

At the end of the season came the news that Jean-Paul Driot would leave DAMS' F1RMGP team to concentrate on running the main team in the GP2 series. With a hideous lack of resources at his disposal, Arnoux contacted his old Renault pal about a merger of their two teams, which was (sort of) successfully predicted by a particularly capricious Autosport journalist with a reputation for wild speculation. Prost had been picking up the points in 2013, but it was well known that DAMS' Renault V8 was a better engine than the Prost's Peugeot V10. Peugeot, though, had other ideas and announced an audacious plan to run the first ever diesel Formula One car in the F1RMGP series, dropping in the twin-turbocharged 3.7l V6 diesel from the 908 Le Mans Prototype that had first raced in 2011. The announcement for the new engine deal was made at the same time as the team revealed details of their drivers for the upcoming season - Alliot, retained from Prost, and Sarrazin, retained from DAMS - as well as the combined team's new chassis designation. The car for the upcoming season would be named the PD-12, a name crudely combined from what would have been the names of the respective Prost and DAMS models, AP09 and GD-03. Finally, the team bosses revealed the team's new name... and both Prost and Arnoux seemed completely unmoved when it was openly pointed out the the team that the acronym they would most likely be known by was the same as a rather foul American tinned meat product, and the nickname of all the millions upon millions of junk emails urging everyone in the world to buy genital enhancement products.

Of the two discarded drivers, Grouillard found a drive with Monteverdi alongside Fabrizio Barbazza; they had previously been team-mates at the original AGS Formula One team for one race in 1991 before it collapsed. Sospiri, meanwhile, ousted from the new combined team for not being French rather than a lack of results, signed as a test driver for Arrows as they attempted to claim a place on the 2014 F1RMGP grid. When their application was denied, Sospiri was out of a drive.

A consequence of Peugeot's choice to run their LMP diesel engine in the PD-12 was to bring fierce Le Mans rivals Audi into the series, adopting ATS Rial as their all-German team and implanting their equivalent engine in an attempt to take on the French at their own game.

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