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Rejects of Gran Turismo is a series that sees F1 Rejects members battling for the fastest time in a series of challenges using the Gran Turismo series of games, this usually being a time trial lap. The series is currently in it's third season, and has seen an unsuccessful attempt at a spin-off series for those who are unlucky enough to only have an Xbox - Rejects of Forza.


Gran Turismo World Championship

Season Champion Pts.
S1 BlindCaveSalamander 65
S2 Shizuka 59
S3 ongoing ongoing

Sakon Yamamoto Gran Turismo 2 Trophy

Season Champion Pts.
S1 Kaskabald 20
S2 Shizuka 65
S3 ongoing ongoing

Eric Van De Poele Gran Turismo 4 Trophy

Season Champion Pts.
S1 Nuppiz 75
S2 Priceless 81
S3 ongoing ongoing


Olivier Beretta Gran Turismo PSP Trophy

Season Champion Pts.
S1 Klon 75
S2 Klon 52
S3 ongoing ongoing

Kazuki Nakajima Gran Turismo 5 Trophy
Bruno Senna Grand Turismo 5 Trophy

Season Champion Pts.
S1 MinardiFan95 75
S2 MinardiFan95 78
S3 ongoing ongoing


Sometimes controversy happens to break out in this series, through choice of car (eg, MinardiFan95 using the Red Bull X2010 in scenario 2:4), an exploit to get a faster time (eg, BlindCaveSalamander's use of drafting in scenario 1:7), tuning regulations favouring one game over another (eg, the lack of tuning options in GTPSP)and tracks missing in GT5. The consequence for most of these is mainly just having to read a post from Klon stating that he hates GT5.