Rejectful Eastern European Car Computerised Series

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The Rejectful Eastern European Car Computerised Series, abberivated REECCS, is a racing series that involves Eastern European cars. The series uses Lada 2101, Skoda 110R, Trabant 601, Polski-Fiat 126P, Dacia 1300, Wartburg 353w and Moskvich 2140. The series is run in various circuits.

110R controversy

After Round 8 of 2011 season of REECCS controversies broke regarding the Skoda 110R. A driver alleged that the car contained illegal driving aids and other performance enhancers, calling for a ban of the car. Some Skoda drivers opposed while some non-Skoda drivers supported the ban. Rumours circulated of the Skoda being banned after Round 8, according to The Generic Times, only for the REECCS officials to sue the newspaper for libel, saying that the Skoda was merely given limiter to keep fair competition.