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Prince Falik (born 8th June, 1971 in Dikwa, Nigeria) is a self proclaimed Nigerian prince who owns 80% of the F2RWRS team Falik Arrows and 50% of the ArrowTech ART team. He also manages the Katayama sisters in RWRS.

Early Life

Little is known about his early life as he refuses to talk about it and no information can be found about him and when someone gets a lead in Nigeria they are never heard from again. His full name is Prince Falik Ado Trustme Goodluck Money.

Professional career

Little is known about Prince Falik businesses or the source of his money. He is allegeded to have a personal fortune of some 100 million dollars, but there are rumours that this has been taken from dodgy oil companies that he and his family front in Nigeria and from companies involved in 419 advance fee scams.

It is not known why he wants to be involved in motorsport, but he has said that he wants to turn Arrowtech into a frontline racing team and make them famous, also stating that "ArrowTech in 3 years could be turning over 250 million to 1 billion dollars a season".

He owns a small shareholding in the Zytek Motorsports firm and has been trying to get th Zytek engine into F2RWRS.


P-Minus is a brand that Prince Falik has created to help fund the ArrowTech ART team. The brand funded about 25% to 50% of Arrowtech. Currently a number of energy drinks have been created, but a number of these have been banned in the EU, North America and Australia due to the drinks contents, which allegedy contains narcotic substances, however they are popular in countries with lax regulations.

He worked with a number of other companies to bring P-Minus goods and products to the market for the 2014 and 2015 season.


He managed to buy 50% of ArrowTech ART from The Fox, the amount was undisclosed but a crate of papayas was allegedly part of the deal. He sold 20% of the team back to The Fox in early 2015.

He founded and funding the junior team Falik Arrows and gave 20% of his share to The Fox as a present. He spent more time with the F2RWRS team then the F3RWRS team and when he found out that the F3RWRS team had run up debts, he gave the team to Kay Lon's constorium-run Best in the World Motorsport for nothing.

There are strong rumours that Prince Falik is trying to sign Mark Dagnall to drive for the ArrowTech ART team for the 2014 season. This never happened, but Mark Dagnall did drive in a one-off non championship race for ArrowTech where he retired from the race.

When Andrea Acuri stepped in to the team following ArrowTech's merger with Acuri Autosport, Falik's position was unaffected.