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Predicament Predictions is a F1 predictions game organized by Wizzie. The game was inaugurated before the 2009 Italian Grand Prix as a beta version for the planned 2010 edition. It consists of predicting the point-scorers for every race as well as the polesitter, fastest lap scorer, first retirement and Reject of the Race. Predictions for Infinite Improbability Drive of the Race were added for the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix.

The 2010 season saw the addition of predictions for the Deadbeat Teammate of the Race and Minor League Premiership, with a feature for predicting failures to qualify added for the 2011 season, replacing Minor League Premiership for the teams. From 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix, a new award, The Fall Guy was introduced, which involves naming the driver(s) which would drop out in Q1 alongside the three new teams. It has since been removed for the 2013 season.

Since then, Predicament Predictions is also available for F1RWRS (introduced in 2015 Monaco GP) and F1RGP2C (introduced after 1997 Monaco GP), although both went on hold quickly.


Season Winner
2009 Tealy
2010 mario
2011 RAK
2012 DOSBoot
2013 season in progress