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Petr Chaddeev is a Russian businessman who was once the seat holder of the Volga Grand Prix team in the F1RGP2C.

Chaddeev entered the F1RGP2C by acquiring very large stake of Keith Wiggins' Pacific Grand Prix team at the end of the 1994 F1RGP2C season. He would carry the Russian car company Volga into the team, even rebadging the Ford-Cosworthes as such. When he controlled the team, he hired mostly Eastern European drivers, which enraged Wiggins when he questioned the professionality of such drivers, opening a rift between the two. When Artiom Zielenkovski was fired from the team in mid-1996, Wiggins successfully pressured the team to hire Brit Robert Anderson, although he was slow (Wiggins insisted on a non-Eastern European driver at that time), but when Anderson was injured in Belgian round, he Chaddeev chose Siergiej Rozvadoskij despite offers from many better drivers (as Wiggins said).

Wiggins announced that he had revoked Chaddeev's license to use the Pacific name for further years at the end of the 1996 season citing Chaddev's numerous breach of terms with him and Chaddeev immediately sued Wiggins regarding the name issue, entering both parties into a protacted legal battle. Both quickly settled, with Chaddeev renaming the team as Volga Grand Prix for 1997, albeit with worse results.