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Mazzacane Motorsport is a team founded by Argentine racing driver José Pablo Mazzacane in 1991, after taking over Garagist Racing Team, the small LifeGP outfit Mazzacane was driving for.

Life GP

In mid-1991, the withdrawal of Kickert Motorsport allowed Garagist Racing Team to enter Life GP permanently. José Pablo Mazzacane was hired to drive the car. At the end of 1991, he bought the team and renamed it Mazzacane Motorsport.

Prost GP series

In early 2001, Mazzacane decided to enter ProstGP. The first car was driven by José Pablo Mazzacane, the second one by Jasper Lerby. Lerby scored a 3rd place at his debut race, while Mazzacane retired with a broken suspension. As Lerby's results became rapidly worse, he decided to quit Mazzacane Motorsport and Prost GP after the Spanish GP.


Mazzacane Motorsport made its first appearance in F3RWRS at the 2015 Spa SuperPrix, when José Pablo Mazzacane fielded a single car for his son Thiago. With Thiago securing a full-time deal with Fusion later, Mazzacane Motorsport returned for the Surfers SuperPrix later that season to prepare for their first full season in 2016. The team ran Bob Sampson and Juan Manuel Scalabroni, but decided to sign Thomas Yorke instead for 2016.