Massimiliano Patrese

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Massimiliano "Max" Patrese (born October 22, 1965 in Empoli, Tuscany, Italy) is a racing driver from Italy.

Patrese was a driver for Forti F3000 team in 1991 to 1994, scoring some wins and podiums. By that time, Patrese became the test driver for the Andrea Moda team, but was never given a chance to test the car since the team were focused solely on Roberto Moreno, ignoring Perry McCarthy and their test-driver Max. Max became Forti's test driver in 1995, and he moved to Durango on 1995 International F3000 season with Forti leaving F3000. During the 1995 Estoril race, Patrese was impeded by future fellow F1RGP2C driver Robert Anderson for 3 laps, opening a rivalry and rift between the two.

Patrese signed with new Lola team in 1997 F1RGP2C season, acquiring backing from his favorite (and home) football team, Empoli FC. Poor results, however, led Empoli FC dropping his sponsorship agreement, only for Patrese to replace their backing with Barilla pasta company instead. He quit after a year to pursue a career in sportscar racing.