Lorenzo Crescenzi

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Lorenzo Crescenzi

Lorenzo Crescenzi is a 23-year old Italian professional racing driver, who currently drives for Peroni Parma Corse in the Formula 3 Rejects World Race Series.


Lorenzo Crescenzi followed the odd career trajectory of starting in touring cars and moving to single seats. Three seasons in the Campionato Italiano Superstars culminated in the title in 2011, and he moved on to the spec Lotus Racing League series, driving for Parma Corse. He then moved on to World Series by Renault 3.5 in 2013, he finished 3rd in the championship.

Virgin Inter Corse, the senior team to Parma Corse, had signed him once again for 2014. However, when said team went bankrupt, they were bought by Scuderia Alitalia, and Crescenzi was retained as part of their young driver programme.

He was intended to drive for the team in F2RWRS, However, with Alitalia failing to gain immediate entry to F2RWRS, it left him without a seat. F3RWRS was the next logical destination, but with Alessandro Lucarelli, Enrico Molinaro and Gianluigi Pazzini already there, he was instead sent out on loan to Christopherson Racing. His part-time campaign saw mixed fortunes, scoring a 2nd place finish but looking lacklustre near the end of the season. Regardless, with Pazzini promoted to F2RWRS and Molinaro sacked, Crescenzi was hired by Alitalia junior squad Parma Corse for the 2015 season.



Year Team DC Pts
2014 Christopherson Racing AUS USA GBR GER BEL CHN SUR 16th 12
Ret Ret 4 19 2 8 20 13 21 Ret
2015 Peroni Parma Corse AUS USA TUR MON GBR GER BEL ITA JPN SUR NC* 0*

Lotus Racing League

Year Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 Points CC
2012 Peroni Parma Corse ITA ESP FRA NED GER GBR 0* NC*
  • * Season in progress


Driver profile on Scuderia Alitalia official website