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Jean-Vincent Albertini (born 27 July 1990 in Monte-Carlo) is a Monegasque racing driver, currently racing in F3RWRS.


Jean-Vincent was born in 1990 and comes from the family of gentlemen racing drivers: he's the son of Francois Albertini and the grandson of Leon Albertini - both enterpreneurs and chairmen of the shipbuilding company - Albertini Construzioni Navali. Jean-Vincent's father sponsors his racing career. "JV", as he is called by his friends, has some racing experience, mostly by racing in French National Karting Championship and French touring car championship (GT Tour), where he drove the family Chevrolet Corvette used by his father. He never had any major successes in professional racing. He names Mirko Bosevic and Chris Dagnall as one of his influences.

Jean-Vincent competed in F3RWRS for his private entry - Ecurie Albertini. He sold the assets to Hydook Racing Team to form Hydook Junior Team that will compete in 2015 F3RWRS season. After that he considered retiring from single-seater racing, but eventually stepped up to F2RWRS as the second driver with Gillet Ecurie Nationale Belge.


Complete F3RWRS Results

Year Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DC Pts
2014 Ecurie Albertini ADE LAG BRA NOR SPA SHA SUR =9th 32
20 1 5 5 12 4 9 Ret X 4 Ret Ret 17 3 9 17 23 22 19

An * denotes current season.