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The International Reject Drivers Union (abberivated IRDU) was an organization that was responsible for F1 Rejects LFS Cup (now Rejects of LFS).


When the Zimmers created Formula 1 Rejects World Race Series (F1RWRS), it was intended to be cheaper than Formula One, as F1RWRS is a breakway from F1. However, by the end of it's (maiden season), costs had skyrocketed due to the influx of teams entering the series. As a result, some people that disappointed with rising costs of F1RWRS, created the F1Rejects LFS Cup, with Live For Speed (Scaven Solutions) as the series sponsor. An organization was required for this; International Reject Drivers Union was quickly formed, led by John Dennis Alcatraz.

It's only season (under IRDU control) was a eventful one; Shinobu Katayama and Sunshine Infiniti won the championships, but Scaven Solutions suddenly withdrew it's series sponsorship; the series was renamed IRDU Rejects Cup for 2012.

However, after the testing sessions, nothing was heard from IRDU. By fall that year it was turned out that IRDU's commercial right-holder (still part of the IRDU) was unable to make repayments of a loan against a leasing company. In November that year IRDU announced cancellation of the series, the organization having already placed in administration in July, making the entire story akin to the Brabham saga in 1992. IRDU's assets were soon sold off, but rumours then suddenly circulated of illegal loans from the leasing company. Executives from IRDU and the leasing company was soon arrested and imprisoned for corruptions in January 2013.

Finally, in spring of 2014, a Finnish company, NVRT Holdings, purchased completely all of the IRDU assets. The series was finally revived that year, under the name of Rejects of LFS, with Cave Johnson and Ultimate Racing winning the championships in 2014.