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In the F1 Rejects alternate racing universe, Formula 1 Rejects Forum is a motorsport discussion forum that is hosted by Enoch Law and Jamie McGregor. The forums have been online since the 2009 Australian Grand Prix (coincidentally, Daniel Melrose's 39th Formula 1 victory). Many professional drivers are known to be active members of the site. Unfortunately, the two owners are incredibly busy with the Formula One Rejects Motorsport team that currently runs in the F1RMGP. Thus, the forums have fallen into a state of disrepair with two rival factions constantly deploying spambots and denial-of-service attacks against their least favorite drivers and teams. The forum servers have been sabotaged numerous times by Indian hackers, Alessandro Linari, nefarious agents of Prince Falik, Jean-Denis Délétraz, the "other" F1 Rejects Forums and Joe Saward.


The F1 Rejects Forum is actually comprised of five main subforums, two of which were added to the site after 2009. The main forum is the Jimmy Rosenforth Memorial Forum, named after the once-vocal founder of Rosenforth Engineering, Jimmy Rosenforth. The subforum is dedicated to the civil discussion of current events in motor racing. However, you are unlikely to find a well-intentioned and reasoned debate on the performance of Aeroracing in the 2015 F1RWRS season, nor will you find many fans of Mark Dagnall. Technical and financial aspects of the sport are discussed in depth, but ninety percent of the threads are not on topic by the time they reach page 2. Race discussions are also available but they generally denigrate into mindless bashing of Mark Dagnall until he eventually wins, after which the members immediately discount his accomplishments.

The second forum is the Jean-Denis Délétraz Memorial Forum, a place to discuss past Reject drivers and teams. Most of the discussion revolves around the F1RGP2C and its historical counterparts. In the past, the subforum was a cluttered mess as all amounts of non-related threads began appearing. Investors looking to make a new racing team often frequent the forum in order to recruit drivers and find financial backers. Notable examples include American Racing Conglomerate (during their bankruptcy at the end of 2014, Club Bangelia, Hispania Racing Team and the perpetually cash-strapped Dave Price Racing.

The third forum is the HWNSNBM Memorial Forum, named after the patron saint of F1 Rejects. Because the forum is based on F1 Rejects itself, nothing much really goes on and it is the smallest of the subforums. Most of the discussion is about the users' love lives (or conspicuous lack thereof).

Notable users

  • Captain Prisoner is a infamous user known to point out biases in motorsport media. Notably, he pointed out J.O.U.R.N.A.L.'s bias against Sunshine F1RWRS team, as well as the pro-Plus One bias of RWRS Update (which contained comments from Hermann Mann). Outside the forums, he also participated in many other motorsport forums.