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Finanz-Sichereit Konglomerat is a Swiss investment company, founded in 1978 by a mutual agreement between multiple Swiss banks. Not much is known about the people behind the company, apart from a rumored link to Jean-Pierre Van Rossem. Occasionally, public statements are given by a mysterious figure only known as "Mr. Rappen". However, it is not known whether or not he is a single person or the common voice of all the major funders of the operation.

Other people who have had connections to the company are Dietrich Anger, Dieter Oktor and Walther Rench, all who worked as chiefs responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Life GP Series, FSK's first entry into the world of motorsports. The series eventually collapsed at the end of 1993 because of financial difficulties. Nathan Nurmester and Niko Nurminen also drove for the company's FSK Racing team in the Prost GP Series alongside Anger, but have stated in numerous interviews that they knew nothing about what happened behind the scenes.

In July 2015, the company purchased a 49% stake in the cash-strapped Nurminen Racing Engineering team, entering the world of RWRS at the same time. However, this did not affect the team's name or day-to-day operations.

As Rejects of LFS was shut down and it's owners moved on to organising IFRC, FSK saw their chance to get back to race organising and bought the rights to organise the non-championship Aston 24 Hours from 2016 onwards. However, their board of directors was hesitant to allow funding for a complete race series, so instead FSK organized only two more events during the season: the 2016 F1 Rejects Masters and the 2016 F1 Rejects Dragster Festival, with plans to make all three events annual.