F1 Rejects Super Touring Cup

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Category Touring Car
Country/Region Europe/Australia
Founder(s) Vincent Lilley
Inaugural Season 2015-16
Drivers 29
Teams 18
Engine Suppliers Alfa Romeo,Ford Sierra/Mustang,BMW M3/M635CSi,Holden,Lancia,Mercedes-Benz,Nissan,Rover,Toyota,Volvo
Tyre Suppliers {{{tyre suppliers}}}
Current Driver's Champion Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Martin McGovern
Current Team's Champion N/A
Records List of F1 Rejects Super Touring Cup Records
Motorsport current event.svg.png Current season

The F1 Rejects Super Touring Cup is a touring car league founded by Vincent Lilley and some guy who has a lab underneath the London Underground.Together,they managed to recreate cars from the 90's Group A era plus a few other cars added in as well.With these cars,they created a new racing championship,and in 2015,they got their project underway with the 2015-16 season,being held at prestigous tracks such as Clyde River Raceway and the Akrotiri Bay International Circuit.

List of Champions


Season Driver Team Wins Podiums Points
2015-16 Flag of Scotland svg.png Martin McGovern Martini Lancia Racing 0 3 47