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EuroBrum is an English constructor based in Birmingham, England (hence the Brum part of the name). The team is currently competing in the Life Grand Prix Series.


1991-92: Life Grand Prix


In 1991, a Swiss investment company called Finanz-Sichereit Konglomerat purchased the Life Formula One team in order to organise a spec series using an updated version of the hopeless car. With the promise of a cheap high-level racing championship, a few Birmingham enthusiasts decided to form a team in order to enter the series. Inspired by Formula One backmarkers EuroBrun, the team was named EuroBrum, reflecting its origins.

The next step was to find two drivers. The answer came in the form of the German William Anker and local driver Richard Richardson. Both would compete for the entire 1991 season.

Due to the car's unreliable nature, races were full of attrition, and a finish was synonymous with points. Richardson began the season with a second place at Jérez, but was halted at Jarama by an accident in which he fractured a rib. He was replaced for two races by the American Jamie Murphy, who failed to finish either race. While Anker would score twice over the season with fifth place in Las Vegas and fifth place at the Paul Ricard, Richardson was more successful, scoring another second place at Anderstorp and a further four points to finish the season in twelfth place.