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Flag of Bulgaria svg.pngDSR
Full Name DSR Racing
Base Rousse, Bulgaria
Founder(s) Deyan Rangelov
Team Principal(s) Deyan Rangelov
Technical Director Gordon Murray
Current Drivers Flag of Bulgaria svg.png Nikola Nikolov
Flag of Bulgaria svg.png Nikolay Djurov
Flag of Denmark svg.png Tom Kristensen
Flag of China svg.png Henry Lee Jr.
Other Noted Drivers none
Debut 2000 DTM season
Races 40 (in DTM)
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0
Race Wins 3
Podiums 7
Points 85 (in DTM)
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0

DSR Racing (also known as DSR) is a Bulgarian racing team, founded by former Formula One driver Deyan Rangelov, who was widely known as the first racing driver from the Soviet block to compete in Formula One. Currently the team is participating in various series such as Ferrarist's Alternate DTM and Prost GP Series championships.

DSR Racing is believed to have some connections with Alternate Formula 1 Leader team and rFactor Alternate Formula One Arrows team as it is highly likely that all these teams have been owned and operated by related persons.

DSR outside motorsport

DSR company is owned by Deyan Rangelov (pycku) - the first Bulgarian driver in rFactor Alternate Formula One, debuting in 1980. After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, he established his financial empire. At first he entered in agricultural business with his "Watermelon Company". 1992 happened to a very dry year for watermelon fields all over the world, which lead to the so called "watermelon war" in South America. However, in Eastern Europe it was Watermelon Company that produced large amounts of watermelons (merely 50% of all watermelons in 1992) and although some accused Watermelon in selling GMO products, it was never proved. After gaining his first millions in these circumstances, Rangelov entered in other businesses such as sunflower refining, buildings and highways construction, tourism, etc. In 1998 all companies of Rangelov were unified in DSR Holdings, which in 1999 bought their first oil refinery - Neftochim Burgas. The same year DSR built their first car factory and started producing their own cars. As Rangelov believed motorsports is ideal platform to advertise, it was soon announced that DSR is starting a racing program.

Racing history


DSR Racing was one of the first teams to join the newly formed DTM series in 2000 with a Hyundai car and drivers Tom Kristensen and Henry Lee Jr. The team hoped that Kristensen battles for the championship, but that was not the case. Tom was sacked at the end of the season and newcomer Ryu Michigame replaced him. 2001 season was even worse, with the team scoring just 6 points and ending 11th again in final standings. However the third season was great improvement in the series as Henry Lee Jr. won the first victory for the team. In 2003 DSR improved even more with both Michigami and Henry Lee Jr. scoring a victory. At the end the team finished fourth in CC, just 2 points outside top 3.

KL-Racer's Alternate DTM
2000 Season 11 pts / 11th 2001 Season 6 pts / 11th 2002 Season 27 pts / 6th 2003 Season 41 pts / 4th

DSR in Prost GP Series

The first open wheel series that DSR joined were Prost GP Series. The team was all Bulgarian with Nikola Nikolov and Nikolay Djurov driving. However, 2001 was a poor year for the team as was not very competitive at the beginning of the season. Slowly, the team progressed and Nikola Nikolov finished with 15 pts, while N. Djurov with 6. This result put DSR on 16th position in Constructor championship, with 21 points


Next level of competing for DSR was in Formula 3 Rejects World Race Series. However, it took a long while for the company to make the jump in these series, as that happened no earlier than 2016 with drivers Hristo Nikolov and Rafael Gonzalez


In 2016 DSR decided not only to enter F3RWRS, but also F1 Rejects Indy Championship Series. For 2016 they are to use Honda powered Reynard chassis with Nikola Nikolov on the wheel.

DSR in other sports

It is not only motorsports, that DSR are advertising during the past few years. When Rangelov found out that his favourite football club, the one from his native city of Rousse, Bulgaria is playing in third tier, he did not hesitate to buy it. After that Dunav Rousse won promotions in two successive years, after which it became champion of Bulgaria. Currently the team is playing in Champions league and some famous players such as Sergio Ramos and Iker Muniain are playing for the team. Recently there were some rumours about DSR buying Chelsea from Roman Abramovich but that was denied by both parties.