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The Best In The World is a brand that was first founded by F1RWRS driver Kay Lon. Starting out as a minor merchandising project, it now is a connected entity consisting of a number of companies and multiple investments in all types of racing-relevant enterprises along with an own young drivers program.


The concept of "Best In The World" was developed by Realgestalt in June 2013 and was based on a shocking (and shocked) exclamation of Lon after failing to qualify for the 2013 F1RWRS French Grand Prix. A series of merchandising products were developed and sold via the fanshop of Castrol Jones Racing. The campaign was a full success, using the new-found public interest in Kay Lon to its full extent. By using further opportunities for new merchandising, Best In The World became the second biggest merchandising producer in the F1RWRS, only slightly behind the established Holden Racing Team.

Meanwhile, Lon's financial advisor Cengiz Atali, known for being financial director of JLD Motorsport for a short period of time, invested the earnings of the brand into a number of companies. While very risky, these moves payed off, according to rumours almost quadrupling the invested money. Kay Lon decided to use the money to create a sports brand that is supposed to rival the Jordan Brand of Nike. Before the end of 2013, the brand invested in the F1 movie What Is Délétraz Doing? which became a financial success due to attaining an ironic fandom by having Samuel Jackson play Délétraz. They also took over the ailing Street Racing League series from Walther Williams.

Meanwhile, the brand purchased, together with Volkswagen Group and some Asian investors, the Akrotiri Bay International Circuit on Cyprus and founded the Akrotiri Bay Track Management KG. In early 2014 the brand name was used by Kay Lon for his entry to the short-lived Formula One Rejects Big Car Championship and the German announced his interest to start up a F2RWRS team under the brand name. The team, currently on the waiting list for one of the 11 spots, is supposed to be managed by Colin Kolles. Lon withdrew the attempted entry after purchasing Falik Arrows (see Best In The World Motorsport below).

In the first half of 2015, BITW managed to strike a major merchandising deal with Melrose Racing Team and another, currently unknown, team. The brand also released a controversial documentary about Lon's early F1RWRS career. The documentary, called Kay Lon: The Kahama Years, had to be withdrawn after a court granted Barii Mori an injuction. Currently, legal proceedings are undertaken by Lon's solicitors to allow for the sale of the film.

The brand itself has been criticized for being Lon's "publicocrap vehicle". In addition, the brand is also alleged to secretly fund Tropico Grand Prix, making it their German council.

Young Drivers Program

Kay Lon had been involved in offering support to less experienced drivers since his international breakthrough in early 2012. The Best In The World brand now offers financial support to young drivers from around the globe who have attracted Lon's interest in a number of different ways. Currently, the Best In The World program has won three titles (one F3RWRS and F2RWRS championship, won by Tomo Kazama and the 2014 F2000 Championship Series title, won by Anita Horford)

Drivers supported by or associated with the Best In The World brand (current series in brackets):

Flag of Tropico svg.png Alberto Cara (F2RWRS)

Flag of Canada svg.png Calvin Brooks (IFRC)

Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Jordan Davies (F2RWRS)

Flag of Somalia svg.png Zaituni Dileita (KF3 World Cup)

Flag of the United States svg.png Anita Horford (SARS)

Flag of Japan svg.png Tomo Kazama (F1RWRS)

Flag of Belgium svg.png Simon Mestach (F1RDS)

Flag of China svg.png Du Lei (F1RWRS)

Flag of India svg.png Chacko Palaniappan (GT-R World Championship)

Flag of Japan svg.png Koyomi Setou (Lupo GTI Championship)

Best in the World Motorsport

Before the 2015 Formula 3 Rejects World Race Series season, Prince Falik put Falik Arrows up for sale, citing financial reasons for the impromptu sale. Kay Lon was one of the first people to put in an offer for the team, and it was immediately accepted, with Lon taking full control of the team and renaming it Best in the World Motorsport. The drivers were not part of the package and Josh Carlisle was promoted to the Falik Arrows F2RWRS team, with Akinjide Ezerioha's contract expiring. The team decided that they would not renew his contract. Run in conjunction with Colin Kolles, the team set about hiring new drivers, with the departure of one American came the arrival of another; Anita Horford, daughter of ex-Formula One driver Roberto Horford. Already a member of the BITW development program, Anita was quickly signed to the team by Lon.

Amidst the driver merry-go round, BITW focused on securing the services of Judd McAllister, who was released at the team currently known as Aeroracing Engineering. With the possibility McAllister remaining loyal to his father despite having his seat taken from him, Lon's team set about securing the services of reigning F3 Open Series champion Takuma Taki as alternative for 2015, but McAllister agreed to become a part of the German team. Takuma Taki was said to be downhearted about the deal going out of the proverbial window, but, as his manager likes to say , "All's fair in RWRS and war", and Taki eventually found a drive at Red Bull Team Jagermeister for the upcoming season.

The team's first F3RWRS season proved to be a rough one with points hard to come by. Impressive driving by young Judd McAllister were the only source of success for the new team. Kay Lon quickly became discontent with Horford's perfomances and decided to replace her after her home races had failed to bring any improvement in her results, sending her off to join BITW driver Chacko Palaniappan in the American Le Mans Series. The team snatched up the services of Jef Verbeeck, making this the first time he raced since his terrible accident in late 2011.


Zytek chassis

The original sale of the Falik Arrows Junior were merely for Prince Falik's debts and contracts. Prior to the sale to Best In The World, Zytek were comissioned to design and build a chassis and an engine to Falik Arrows Juniors team. Best In The World chose Mugen-Honda engines instead, and it led to Zytek demanding to use the Zytek chassis and engine for two years or face legal action. A compromise was reached between the conflicting sides which would see the team use the Zytek chassis together with the newly purchased Mugen-Honda engine.

Complete F3RWRS Results

Year Chassis Engine # Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Points CC
2015 Zytek F3C15B Mugen-Honda MF315 AUS TUR MON USA GBR GER BEL ITA JPN SUR 0* NC*
40 Flag of Spain svg.png Judd McAllister
41 Flag of the United States svg.png Anita Horford
Flag of Belgium svg.png Jef Verbeeck