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This page details the full set of rules and regulations for F1 Rejects forum members wishing to participate in the F1 Rejects Development Series with either a team or drivers.

The contents of this page are independent of the virtual world in which the championship is set, and should be treated as final. Anyone wishing to raise an issue over anything contained on this page should do so on the relevant thread on the forum.

1 Entries

1.1 Team Requirements

1.1.1 Any existing member of the F1 Rejects Forum can enter a team into the F1RDS.
1.1.2 Each member can only enter one (1) team into the F1RDS.
1.1.3 Each team can only employ two (2) drivers at any time.
1.1.4 Each team must run a control chassis and control tyre.
1.1.5 Each team has the same engine, a 250bhp Cosworth.
1.1.6 Numbers are allocated according to the previous season's constructor standings, except for the numbers 1 and 2, which go to the reigning drivers' champion and his teammate.
1.1.7 Any extra teams must announce their intent to join the reserve entry list.
1.1.8 If an existing team leaves the series, the first team on the reserve entry list receives the entry.

1.2. Driver Requirements

1.2.1 Driver names, nationalities and age must be declared before racing.
1.2.2 Drivers may only participate if they are 21 or under after the first race of the year.
1.2.3 Drivers are ineligible if they have made a start in more than 10 RWRS events. This excludes guest SuperPrix entries in F3RWRS, where the driver is not eligible for points.
1.2.4 The RWRS driver cap does not apply in the F1RDS.

2. Season Calendar

2.1. Organisation

2.1.1. A Winter Cup precedes the full season. This follows the same rules except there is no Team Championship.
2.1.2. The full calendar is decided once the RWRS calendar has been produced so feature races can be decided.

2.2. Race Weekend Format

2.2.1 Each race is preceded by a qualifying session to determine the grid.
2.2.2 Twenty-Six (26) drivers take part in qualifying.
2.2.3 The driver who records the fastest lap time out of either session starts the race from pole position.
2.2.4 The race takes place over a distance of the nearest lap over 75 km (≈ 47 miles).
2.2.5 At events where there are two races, both races will take place over a distance of the nearest lap over 75 km.

3 Points System

3.1 Distribution of Points

3.1.1 Points are awarded to the top 10 finishers of a race. The system is 18-14-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1.
3.1.2 One (1) point will also be awarded for Pole Position and the Fastest Lap of the race. 3.1.3 Points for finishing position will only be distributed if the driver completes 90% of the race distance. 3.1.4 Points will be awarded for Pole Position and Fastest Lap regardless of whether the competitor who scores that point is classified or not.

3.2 Championships

3.2.1 The Drivers' Championship is open to every driver who competes during the season.
3.2.2 The total score is the sum of all points scored in every race.
3.2.3 The driver with the highest total at the end of the season is declared the F1RDS Drivers' Champion.
3.2.4 The Teams' Championship is open to every team who competes during the season.
3.2.5 All drivers are eligible to score points for their team. The total is the sum of these scores.
3.2.6 The team with the highest total at the end of the season is declared the F1RDS Teams' Champions.
3.2.7 In the event of a tie in either championship, the tie-breaker will be the driver's or the team's best result.
3.3.6. Any driver that finishes in the top 3 in the championship cannot return for the next season. They are left to find seats in other categories.

4 Performance System

4.1. Performance System

4.1.1 Drivers will start the season with a base perf rating. Base Race and Qualifying value will be 14000. Random grip range will be set at 2000 for all drivers.
4.1.2 The top 10 drivers in qualifying will be awarded with extra performance points added to their qualifying performance. The system is 15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
4.1.3 The top 10 drivers in the race will be awarded with extra performance points added to their race performance. The system is 15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
4.1.4 The driver's random grip value will remains constant.
4.1.5 All new drivers begin with the base performance.
4.1.6 Performance bonuses are reset at end of each season.

5 Penalties

5.1. Penalty System

5.1.1 Penalties are applied at the steward's discretion.
5.1.2 Penalties can be applied for dangerous driving, weaving, causing an avoidable collision, illegal overtakes or causing injury or harm to another driver.
5.1.3 Misconduct within the thread can also be penalised should the Race Director see fit.
5.1.4 The lowest penalty that can be given is a warning. Three warnings will lead to a one-race ban.
5.1.5 If a more severe penalty is seen to be the correct cause of action, a driver can be excluded for a number of races or even banned from competing in the rest of the season.
5.1.6 Team owners can appeal penalties lodged against their drivers.