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The Alternate A1 Grand Prix is a fictional racing series using the A1 Grand Prix concept from the 1950 season onwards. Races are run using the PC game NR2003. As the number of competing countries has grown over the years, two feeder categories have progressively been added: A2 Grand Prix and A3 Grand Prix.


The Start

33 nations accepted the offer to start the first ever season of the A1 Grand Prix. The 1950 A1 Grand Prix Season started at Silverstone as Monaco were the first ever winners of the brand new series. No team won two races in a row as Italy took the first ever title by 10 points, Argentina coming in second.

Changes were made for the 1951 season as the season got extended to 10 rounds, with Brazil and the Isle of Man put in and Monaco dropped. Three new teams joined, Portugal, Guatemala and Chile, but they struggled in their debut season. Argentina won over England by 34 points.


Season Champions
A1 Grand Prix A2 Grand Prix A3 Grand Prix
1950 Flag of Italy svg.png Italy (not run) (not run)
1951 Flag of Argentina svg.png Argentina (not run) (not run)