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Alitalia Juniores Squadra is the young driver programme of Il Barone Rampante. AJS has been designed to fund the careers of talented young drivers, whether driving for one of IBR's own teams, or funding drives elsewhere when the former is not possible.

The programme was set-up in 2014 to help develop young Italian talent for future drives in F1RWRS, but the academy also has foreign drivers on its books.

List of current drivers
Driver Current Team Series
Flag of Ghana svg.png Marcel Agyemang-Badu Aeroracing Engineering F2RWRS
Flag of Italy svg.png Nino Barlini Scuderia Alitalia F1RDS
Flag of Italy svg.png Marco Bizzarri Lavezzi IBR IFRC
Flag of Italy svg.png Lorenzo Crescenzi Mazzacane Motorsport RTCC
Flag of Italy svg.png Antonio Delvecchio Lavezzi IBR Rejectrucks
Flag of the United States svg.png Dan Greenlaw Scuderia Alitalia F2RWRS
Flag of Uruguay svg.png Santiago Guglielminpietro Lavezzi IBR SARS
Flag of Italy svg.png Alessandro Lucarelli De Friis Motorsport IFRC
Flag of Scotland svg.png Martin McGovern Lavezzi IBR RTCC
Flag of Italy svg.png Salvatore Miccoli Lavezzi IBR IFRC
Flag of Brazil svg.png Mineiro Scuderia Alitalia F1RDS
Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Bastiaan van Nieuwenhuijzen RonDen Racing Engineering F2RWRS
Flag of Finland svg.png Tõnu Pykälistö Lavezzi IBR F3RWRS
Flag of Tahiti svg.png Manuarii Vahirua IBR Kart KZ2 Super Cup
Flag of Italy svg.png Natalia Valenti Lavezzi IBR RTCC
Flag of France svg.png Adélaïde Voeckler The Crusaders IFRC
List of former drivers
Driver Year Series Result
Flag of Germany svg.png Stefan Kuntz 2014 Rejects of LFS 12th
Flag of Sweden svg.png Ragnar Larsen 2014 F3RWRS 31st
Rejects of LFS 18th
Flag of Italy svg.png Enrico Molinaro 2014 F2RWRS 32nd
F3RWRS 37th
Flag of France svg.png Benoît Voeckler 2015 F1RDS Winter Cup 22nd
Flag of Slovenia svg.png Andraž Velikonja 2015 F1RDS 28th
Flag of Argentina svg.png Diego Mauricio Batistuta 2015 F1RICS 24th
F3RWRS 31st
RoLFS 31st
Flag of Italy svg.png Gianluigi Pazzini 2014 F3RWRS 11th
2015 F2RWRS 14th
Aston 24H DNF