Akrotiri Bay International Circuit

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Akrotiri Bay International circuit
Location Flag of Cyprus svg.png Akrotiri Bay, Cyprus
Akrotiri Bay.png
Owner Akrotiri Bay Track Management KG
Opened June 2013
Events F1RWRS Mediterranean Grand Prix
Surface Asphalt
Length 5.738km (3.565 miles)
Turns 3
Record Time 1:17.117
Record Driver Phillippe Nicolas
Record Team Melrose Racing Team
Series F1RWRS

The Akrotiri Bay International Circuit is a motor racing circuit located on the outskirts of Limassol, Cyprus. Opened in 2013, the track has hosted the F1RWRS Mediterranean Grand Prix on two occasions.


Construction on the circuit which was to be used as a testing facility for car owners and for European racing series began in early 2012, and was completed before the opening in June 2013. The track was designed by Daytona Raceway Ltd., owners of the Cypriot karting track of the same name, assisted by German motorsport veteran Leonhard von Gottorp, and built by Egnatia Odos Α.E.. Funding for the track was provided by the EU and the CMF (Cyprus Motorsport Federation) in order to allow Cypriot drivers to get a jump on the big stage of European motorsport and raise Limassol's touristic profile. Daniel Prieto announced February 2013 that the track would hold the F1RWRS Mediterranean Grand Prix, depending on it being opened on time. The first race at the track was hold in July and was won by Chris Dagnall after Ben Fleet made pole position.

Shortly after that Grand Prix, the track and Daytona Raceway Ltd. got in financial trouble, having underestimated the costs of maintaining the facility. On the 16 November 2013, the track was bought by a consortium consisting of Kay Lon's merchandising company, Volkswagen Group and Asian investors, running it under the guise of German firm Akrotiri Bay Track Management KG, planning on using the track as a test track for Volkswagen's luxury brands. Shortly before the 2014 F1RWRS Mediterranean Grand Prix, the F1RWRS Commission announced that the two-year contract would not be extended, making this the last F1RWRS championship race, which was won by Mark Dagnall. The Akrotiri Bay Track Management KG arranged 2016 race deals with DTM and Formula 2 and are rumoured to be planning on having a non-championship F1RWRS Grand Prix after the end of the 2015 F1RWRS season although the F1RWRS Commission decided to award the city of Helsinki said non-championship race and christened it the Baltic Sea F1RWRS Grand Prix.

The Track

The track is known for being a very fast circuit - the record lap had an average speed of 267.86 km/h - and basically consists of two long straights. At one end they are connected by a long banked corner, with a very slow and tight hairpin at the other. The back straight also has a chicane part of the way along to slow the cars and make setup decisions tricky.