2013 F1RWRS Tasman Grand Prix

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Flag of South Australia svg.png 2013 Tasman Grand Prix
Race 1 of 16 in the 2013 F1RWRS season
Adelaide Grand Prix Circuit svg.png
Date 10 March, 2013
Official Name IV Tasman Grand Prix
Location Adelaide Street Circuit, Adelaide, South Australia
Course Temporary street circuit
3.780 km (2.362 mi)
Distance 81 laps, 306.180 km (191.362 mi)
Weather Sunny
Pole Position
Driver Flag of the Isle of Man svg.png Douglas Mann Foxdale-PURE
Time 1:12.120
Fastest Lap
Driver Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Mark Dagnall Dagnall-Zakspeed
Time 1:14.510
First Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Mark Dagnall Dagnall-Zakspeed
Second Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Chris Dagnall Dagnall-Zakspeed
Third Flag of Belgium svg.png Aurelien Moll Gillet-Judd

The 2013 F1RWRS Tasman Grand Prix was the first race of the 2013 F1RWRS season and the first race under the new F1RWRS regulations. It was won by Mark Dagnall in his first championship race, both for himself and for his father's Dagnall Engineering operation.



Yu Hiang-Hao topped the charts in the session, with Jesus Plaza a surprising second for ARC. Nicolas Steele, despite placing third in the charts, did not move on to the qualifying session. Flying Fish, ARC, and FAT Turbo moved on to the session, based on having the best combined times from all three drivers.


Douglas Mann barely took pole from Shinobu Katayama. Pre-Qualifier Plaza placed 6th in the session. Daniel Martins was four positions ahead of free-agent fan favourite Daniel Melrose. Both cars from CR Motorsport (Massini and Older) did not qualify.


Aurelien Moll in third place with eventual second-place finisher Chris Dagnall right behind him.

Douglas Mann maintained the lead at the start, but Ashley Watkinson crashed into Nathanael Spencer, taking out Kay Lon and Jari Kekkonen as well. Phillippe Nicolas crashed out on Lap 3. Pippa Mann, in 7th, retired after being overtaken by Hagane Shizuka, and not too shortly after Douglas Mann retired from the lead as well. Then on Lap 10, Plaza spins at the last corner while in 6th, taking out his front wing and fell to last place. Resi Respati retires on Lap 14 with a technical problem, and not much happens until leader Chris Dagnall pits for fuel and tires.

On Lap 22, Chris Dagnall spins and returns 6th, then Katayama passes Mark Dagnall, while Katayama is on fresher tires. Then on Lap 37, Thomas De Bock, while in 10th, spins and crashes out of the race. Then two laps later, despite having a good lead, Katayama retired with technical problems. Soon enough Mark Dagnall took over the lead but had throttle problems and had to pit, giving his father, Chris, the lead. Then on Lap 52, Shizuka, in 6th, spins and falls to 8th. Mark Dagnall then took the lead after Chris Dagnall pitted for his third planned stop. The Dagnalls managed to finish in 1-2, with Mark winning, while Aurelien Moll quietly finished in 3rd position, with Rhys Davies fourth, Daniel Melrose fifth and Dave Simpson sixth.


Pre Qualifying and Qualifying

Pos No Driver Constructor Pre-Q Time Gap


  • Bold text indicates who still has a theoretical chance of becoming World Champion.


Pos Driver Pts
1 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Mark Dagnall 10
2 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Chris Dagnall 6
3 Flag of Belgium svg.png Aurelien Moll 4
4 Flag of Australia svg.png Rhys Davies 3
5 Flag of Australia svg.png Daniel Melrose 2


Pos Team Pts
1 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Dagnall Engineering 16
2 Flag of Belgium svg.png Gillet 4
3 Flag of Australia svg.png HRT 3
4 Flag of Canada.svg.png ArrowTech 2
5 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Prospec 1
  • Note: Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings.
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