12th August 2015 Varano Test

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This will be a mid-season F1RWRS young driver test occurring on the 12th of August, 2015 at Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Varano, Italy. The only team present will be Scuderia Alitalia, who will run eight drivers during the day: their two F2RWRS drivers, Alitalia F3RWRS drivers Ólafur Ragnar Hannesson, Diego Mauricio Batistuta and Carsten Jancker, plus free agents Nobushige Fukuda and Benoît Voeckler.


Team Pos Driver Time
Flag of Italy svg.png Scuderia Alitalia Flag of Slovakia svg.png Andrej Kremnicky
Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Bastiaan van Nieuwenhuijzen
Flag of Iceland svg.png Olafur Ragnar Hannesson
Flag of Scotland svg.png Martin McGovern
Flag of Argentina svg.png Diego Mauricio Batistuta
Flag of Japan svg.png Nobushige Fukuda
Flag of France svg.png Benoît Voeckler
Flag of Tropico svg.png Renaldo Jiménez